Kids Martial Arts Classes In Woodland

We're Proud To Offer The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In Woodland

At Kuk Sool Won Of Woodland, we're proud to offer hands-on martial arts training for students of all ages. Our Kids Martial Arts program includes age-specific classes that are designed to help students all across the community stay active, build character skills, and meet a great group of new friends. 

We offer a goal-oriented program with an exciting belt progression system that helps students feel motivated and enjoy the excitement of each accomplishment.

Join us in Woodland today and see it all for yourself. Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more! 

What Makes Our Kids Martial Arts Program The Best In Woodland?

We believe in offering targeted training strategies with age-appropriate instruction and a class environment that surrounds every child with students of their same skill level.

Our Kids Martial Arts program is broken down into three distinct age groups, each with a separate set of goals and priorities. Join us in Woodland today for: 

Tiny Tigers (Ages 3-5): Our most basic instruction, the Tiny Tigers program is all about helping students develop gross motor skills and begin the process of social development. We work on tools like attention span and the ability to follow multi-step instructions. This program is ONLY offered in Woodland.

Little Dragons (Ages 5-7): The Little Dragons class offers a foundation of traditional martial arts skills. These students learn how to develop discipline and body control in addition to establishing lifelong habits of physical activity. We introduce basic belt advancement at a pace that is age appropriate and forms the primary building blocks for goal setting, perseverance and taking pride in one's accomplishments. This program is also ONLY offered at Woodland.

Children's Martial Arts (Ages 7-12): In the children's program, we introduce belt advancements and help our students set their sights on the skills and techniques needed to move on to the next belt. This class is all about developing well-rounded athleticism, total self-confidence, and perseverance through any challenge. This program is offered at Woodland!

In All Of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes, We're Building Well-Rounded Young Adults 

The kids in our classes love to punch and kick and perfect their skills. But at Kuk Sool Won Of Woodland, we offer so much more than just physical success. 

Our team of instructors is committed to surrounding students with positive role models and building them up to be prepared for any aspect of life. We're helping students all across Woodland:

  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Develop effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Face life with complete self-confidence
  • Respect themselves and others at all times

Join Us In Woodland Today For The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes Around!

Don't miss out on our Kids Martial Arts classes at Kuk Sool Won Of Woodland. We're offering students across Yolo County the chance to learn something new every day and develop the tools they'll need to be successful in all aspects of life.

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