National Women's Health and Fitness Day

National Women's Health and Fitness Day

For those of you that do not know today is National Women's Health and Fitness Day. As a woman, Kuk Sool Won has benefited my life in so many ways. I began my Kuk Sool Won journey when I was 18 years old. Prior to joining, I had never done anything even slightly martial art related. I grew up in a military family and, as such, moved often. Every time my family would move, which was about every 2-4 years, my father would try to talk me into trying some form of martial art. Being a typically child and not wanting what he wanted for me, I would say no every time. When I was 18 I met a wonderful man who just so happened to be very involved with martial arts. Since we were dating at the time, I would often attend events with him or just watch as he was in his class training. I did not know if I would enjoy martial arts nor did he ever ask me try it with him, but I figured since I was there anyway, it would not hurt to give it a try. To my surprise I loved it and was hooked right from the start. Not only was that a success, but I also went on to marry this amazing man that inspired me to give martial arts a try. Of course when I let me father know what I was doing he was absolutely surprised and quite glad.

Martial art training helped me to build more than just muscle memory for the martial art movements. My body began to transform from skinny and lacking muscle to toned and defined. Prior to training in martial arts my knee would dislocate once a month. Shortly after starting my knee started to dislocate less often due to effectively building up the muscles around my knee which offered better structural support than it had before. Although I still had the mechanical issues with my knee, I was relieved when it would only dislocated once a year, sometimes going longer than that in between episodes.

I learned how to properly throw a punch, how to block effectively and how to be more aware of my emotions and my surroundings. With this newfound knowledge I grew in my confidence. I was able to better keep my cool under pressure during circumstances that were not martial art related, such as interviewing for a job.

I know that my martial art training has helped me be successful in all aspects of my life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn martial arts and to become a more well rounded individual as a result. My husband and I have gone on to open this martial art school so that we could further pass these benefits onto others. We have built a team of instructors that are as passionate about training as we are. They too have seen how martial arts has transformed their lives. They too take pride in being able to inspire the next generation of martial artists. What benefits will you get out of training in martial arts? Will you try it for the health component? Or maybe the self defense aspect? No matter your goal, we are here to help you achieve it. Click Here to take advantage of our Ladies Online Special.

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