Seven Safety Tips this Holiday Season

Seven Safety Tips this Holiday Season

Along with the joys of holiday shopping comes an increased risk of being attacked. There are many alarming statistics out there, but there are things you can do to reduce your risk of assault.

1. Shop with a friend. You've probably heard the phrase "power in numbers" throughout the years, and that speaks volumes. Rather than go shopping solo, go with a friend. Not only is it more fun, it also makes you less of a target.

2. Your text can wait. Avoid the temptation to look at and/or talk on your phone while you are walking to or from your car. You become an easier target when you are not focused on what is happening around you.

3. Park in well lit areas. This one seems pretty self explanatory but when you are eagerly seeking a spot to park, don't just park in the first space you see. Pay attention to the lighting. If it is dark, pass up that spot and look for another.

4. Carry a personal alarm. There are many different types of personal alarms you may purchase; one is not necessarily better than the next. The key though is to carry the alarm in your hand so that you may pull the alarm at any moment that you feel at risk in order to draw attention to your direction. If the alarm is in your purse and you are assaulted, chances are you will not have time to dig through your purse to find and use it.

5. Pepper gel can be a great tool. Just as it is important to keep your personal alarm in your hand while walking to and from your car, if you carry pepper spray make sure it is also in your hand. In addition to that, practice using it ahead of time so that you know what to expect. Several kits have trainer sprays included in them. It has been suggested that pepper gel is better than pepper spray as it does not have the same spray back effect that pepper spray does.

6. Trust your gut. It is better to be safe than sorry. If something does not feel right, you may be right. For example, if someone offers to help you put your items in your trunk, come up with any excuse to go back inside, such as, "I forgot to buy shampoo, I'll be back." If you ask when you get back inside the store, there are store employees that can escort you to your car.

7. Empower yourself. Even if taking a martial art class on a regular basis does not interest you, there is power in learning some self defense skills and techniques. Even if you have taken one before, it is good practice to refresh and refine your skills. You may find some information about our self defense events by clicking here.

Take a look at these statistics provided by UN Women, we'd like to empower you and help you avoid adding to these statistics.

*An estimated 35% of women experience sexual or physical abuse

*Adult women account for approximately 51% of all human trafficking victims; Women and girls together make up approximately 71%

*Approximately 15 million adolescent girls (ages 15-19 years) have experienced forced sex

*23% of female undergraduate university students report having experience sexual assault or sexual misconduct

For more information, please visit UN Women by clicking here.

FYI -- Our next ladies self defense workout for females ages 13+ years will be on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 7pm, click here to register.

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