Back to School Transition Tips - Part 1

Back to School Transition Tips - Part 1

As summer is coming to a close, we just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the importance of consistency and success. With going back to school our youth students will be getting back into the swing of a regular school schedule and homework. Just as the transition from school to summer break can be challenging as result of a change in routine and/or a lack of routine, this same challenge presents itself as students transition back to school. Our instructing staff are all available to assist you with this transition process. Here are a few tips that we have had success with over the years with other students as well as with our own children:

1. Put together a calendar that is visible for your family. If possible, have your child come up with the plan of when to come to class. Write out your child's activities and briefly discuss the day's event either at the end of the previous day or the morning of. This will allow your child the opportunity to mentally prepare for what lies ahead in their day.

2. If your child is coming directly from school to class, be sure to pack his/her backpack the night before with his/her uniform, shirt, and belt and place it in the car the night before. This will help to alleviate any last minute morning stress that may arise. Also, avoid stopping at home on the way to class if you are able. This will help your child's mind not settle on being home too prematurely.

3. Pack a snack and water. Prior to class, be sure to have your child hydrate and eat a snack. We recommend not having your child snack on sugary items, such as soda, candy, etc. but rather recommend a healthy snack such as fresh fruit, carrot sticks, etc. so that they do not experience a sugar high followed by a drop in sugar leading to lethargy, lack of motivation and/or poor performance.

4. After class, be sure to ask your child what they enjoyed best about class that day. If you were watching while they were in class, be sure to also point out the positive things that you saw out of them.

5. If you are stopping at home prior to coming to class, avoid having your child get involved in a favorite activity, but rather have them start their homework, read a book, do chores or clean their room. It is important to remember that children are still developing the skill of delayed satisfaction. Even though they may enjoy what will be coming next, in this case coming to class, they may not want to stop doing what they are doing in order to get to class. Even as adults, we struggle with this at times. Myself personally, if I am at a coffee shop with a friend and it is time to go to my parents for family dinner I find myself struggling with trying to leave. I absolutely love spending time with my parents, but that first step of leaving the coffee shop is the part I struggle with. Just as I am good to go once I get to my parents, your children are often times the same way. They may need some coaxing to get moving but once they get to class, the struggle is a thing of the past.

6. Remember that the back to school transition typically lasts a few weeks. Be patient with your child. They are likely feeling more tired than usual and may not exhibit the behavior you expect. Given time to adjust to their new routine and with the support from their parents and their instructors, they will adapt and overcome this challenge. If you feel that your child is struggling more than you expect please speak with an instructor. Often times we are able to help alleviate or at least lessen their challenge by looking at their schedule for Kuk Sool and making adjustments where needed.

We sincerely thank you for being a valued part of our Kuk Sool family. We truly appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to help shape your child in a positive way through the practice of Kuk Sool Won. We are committed to your child's success. Additionally, we thank you for supporting your child on their journey to black belt and beyond.

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