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Kuk Sool Won Of Woodland

The Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Art Center in Woodland, California and Dixon, California are more than just martial art schools. It is a place where students are encouraged, empowered and educated not only in the martial arts, but also in life skills, such as focus, courage, commitment, respect, self-discipline, and self-control. Our supportive teams are truly committed to helping students succeed to their fullest potential by balancing our teachings with progressive and innovative approaches that challenges students to achieve their own personal best.

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We have had a wonderful experience here! My children have grown immensely in both confidence and athletic ability. They have learned respect, teamwork, goal setting, focus, and communication. Above all, I appreciate the school’s sincere focus on equality and making it a safe place for all to train. As a result, the kids are kind, accepting, and the older ones look after the younger ones. It’s truly a family friendly environment.

Kids Martial Arts Yolo County

Jamie B.

Ever since our 9 year old son started at Kuk Sool Won back in October, my husband and I have been very pleased with the staff and their customer service. The staff is friendly and warm. They were extremely accommodating and understanding when our son had to have surgery after we signed the contract. They told us not to worry and even sent him a get well card after surgery! In addition, while my son has been testing for each belt, the staff gives great feedback that keeps him motivated to keep going for his goal. They also encourage self discipline, goal setting, confidence, responsibility and perseverance which are great life skills to have. Finally, I have told my son’s friends’ parents how pleased we are with how my son has progressed as a person and as a martial arts student. They have signed up their children because of this. So, if you are seeking a “sport” for your child who needs some or any of those life skills, Kuk Sool is the place to go!!

Kids Martial Arts Yolo County

Meredith K.

It's such a great school place. I've been training here since I was 3 years old and I know so much now. I know how to defend my self, etc.. There still a lot I have to learn though. I am 12 years old now and a 1st degree black belt. It took me 7 years to get to black belt and it has been so much fun doing it too. I love this training place so much. I want to thank all of the teachers/instructors so much for teaching me so much, etc... They are really kind too. I have so much more to say, but that would take awhile and I have to train so later guys.

Kids Martial Arts Yolo County

Kaylana B.

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