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Teens LOVE Our Martial Art Program!

Kuk Sool will be your outlet for stress and tension. It will increase your stamina, expand your cardiovascular fitness and improve your overall physical condition. No matter what your age or interests the movements in Kuk Sool can be as graceful as ballet and as strong as metal, which makes them infinitely more interesting than the usual aerobic workouts. In addition to providing a total fitness program, we train you in self-defense techniques which enhance your capability to effectively defend yourself.

Matt Morrison, 1st Degree Black Belt
"This place can really change a person in the best way possible. It’s an experience that I would have everyone try out at least once in their life. It starts when you become a white belt, then when you start on the first day, you’re hooked for life. And you'll enjoy every moment of it. It’s been over four years since I started, and I can't begin to thank everyone there for developing me the way I am today. Try it out and see yourself like you've never seen before!"

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